July 23rd, 2017 – Brisbane, Australia: Gabba Stadium, Rolld, 4Fingers

For my second excursion out of the country this year, I visited Brisbane, Australia, for the second time in three years. Brisbane is the most populated city in the Australian state of Queensland, and I booked an apartment in the CBD, or Central Business District. On the first day I was able to catch a Brisbane Lions Australian Rules Football match at Gabba Stadium. Before the game, I took a moment to review the rules (because I had no idea how they play this sport), and found it to be closer to rugby than to the American football I had in mind. It is a very popular sport in Australia, competing with soccer and rugby for the most viewed sport on television. During this game, the Brisbane Lions were hosting the Carlton Blues and bested them, although it was a close finish! I estimated the the stadium filled to 65% capacity, but I’ll chock that up to a Sunday night game. It was a unique experience, and I’m glad I was able to attend. Two years ago when I visited Brisbane previously, the Lions did not have any home games, so this was a  real treat.

Another highlight of my trip was visiting the Australian Vietnamese chain “Rolld”, located a few blocks from where I stayed. They advertise that they offer Vietnamese style street food with an Australian twist. I opted for a cup of “Pho”, a noodle soup. I had not eaten any Vietnamese food before, and I was excited to try. The service was quick, the food delicious, and I enjoyed eating there. (http://rolld.com.au)

4Fingers is a crispy chicken sandwich restaurant that impressed me the most. I returned here twice during my 4-day trip. It was pretty convenient, but it was the chicken sandwich that brought me back. They have a soy-garlic sauce that they use which is incredible. The interior decor is covered with rebellious paraphernalia, encouraging patrons to join the “resistance” and “revolution” of 4Fingers chicken. Currently, they do not have any restaurants in the U.S., but the manager said they are planning to open one up in NYC. I suggested Japan, but I don’t know how much of a hit that would be with the locals here! Because I couldn’t stop talking about the taste of the soy-garlic sauce, I convinced two of my friends to try it, and they loved it too! (http://www.4fingers.com)


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